Jan 3, 2013

in with the new!

Happy New Year! Have you made resolutions? I've made resolutions. I've made some extra special resolutions for this extra special year. Why is it special? Because it's the year I am going to make all of these resolutions happen!! Here are my resolutions. 
1. Use the word resolutions as often as I possibly can. Resolutions. 
2. Keep a daily photo journal. Every day for all of 2013 I will print out one photo from my camera using my Polaroid Pogo printer, or on the old fashioned inkjet, stick it in my journal, and write an entry. Sometimes the entry will be inspired by the photo, sometimes the photo will be inspired by the entry, but the have to correlate in some way. 
3. Read 50 books. Last year I read 40.. and I feel like I can totally step it up. P.S. my favorite book read last year was 'Kafka on the Shore' by Haruki Murakami. The Perks of Being a Wallflower ran a close second. 
4. Enter a poetry competition. I've enjoyed writing poetry since I was a teenager and have written scores of them over the years. It so happens that writing poetry is the one thing in life that I am most insecure about, so I want to get over that by putting myself out there. Not to prove to myself whether or not I'm any good, but to not be afraid. Because fear sucks bat turds. Fact. Actually, to prove to myself I am not going to let fear get the better of me any longer, I will today, on this 2nd of January 2013, share with my friends and family, for the first time ever, a poem that I wrote in March of last year. 

Utah, Utah

Today is

I put a spell on you
you get stuck under my nails
I suck you into my lungs
I watch you give up and
make you mine.

Today you

held your steering wheel tight
tried to hide your jelly belly
called me Darlin’ and
never came back in
six different languages.

and my feet never warm up. 

5. None of your business. I have a few more but they're personal! What that mainly means is that I suspect I might fail at them, and I don't want everyone who reads this blog knowing I failed. One fear at a time, people! 

Have you made resolutions? Is it something you find ridiculous to do only at New Year's? Personally, I like them. I have always liked new beginnings and the possibility they bring, even if I am mostly just making myself believe something is going to change. Sometimes that belief is just what you need to be able to make it happen! So I hope you are as optimistic about 2013 as I am. I hope you can see how full of undiscovered beauty it is, if only we can stop staring at the bad stuff. Or even the uninteresting mundane stuff.. Sometimes we just need to stop whining about the weather and (literally) take a hike! I didn't make that up, it was in my fortune cookie.

Other times however, you just have to kick a butt, baby. That I learned from this gem of a video, that I couldn't keep from you because it just made my day. Yay 2013!! Resolutions.

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