Dec 29, 2012

christmas day

We managed to make the kids wait until 8am Xmas morning before we started opening up the presents under the tree and look in their stockings. Favorite presents: Sander - Hobbit Game from Marissa, me - handmade half apron from my mom, Lara - giggling baby, Julia - tiny Disney princess dress up, Max - doggy dreamlight, Elliot - Disney Cars play mat with tiny cars.
DSC_6544 DSC_6562 DSC_6570 DSC_6574 DSC_6596 DSC_6614 DSC_6586 DSC_6615 Then we had a delicious breakfast... DSC_6569 DSC_6566 DSC_6560 DSC_6565 After breakfast we all got dressed and I made meringues while the rest played with their new toys and games. At about 2pm the family started arriving, and that's when lots more food was cooked and things got louder, crazier, and so much more magical. DSC_6594 DSC_6598 DSC_6600 DSC_6610 DSC_6589 DSC_6605 DSC_6577 DSC_6611
My favorite part of this year's Christmas was my little niece Kylee telling me she got a guitar for Christmas and asking me if I would play a few songs on my guitar for her. She then proceeded to stand by my side and stare at me with a completely captivated look on her pretty face as I played through a handful of songs, and she sang along. Or maybe it was when I was playing 'Jingle Bells' and Benson started screaming out the words quite suddenly when we got to the chorus. I believe we have it on video somewhere, which I will try to get my hands on - it was hilarious! I hope you all had an equally lovely Christmas this year, filled with love and warmth.
DSC_6617 DSC_6618 DSC_6616 DSC_6579

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