Jan 24, 2013

the infirmary

Two cases of strep throat in the Koot home, and counting. Since they all shared a lollipop yesterday I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time before we get the next diagnosis. For now it's Julia (the instigatress) and Lara, who I'm pretty sure became sick from sheer willpower when she noticed Julia got to stay home from school, watch cartoons, and eat ice cream and yogurts all day.

So this is my life right now: warm little cuddly bodies draped on couches/beds/floors all over the place demanding more water, more ice cream, more Spongebob, more medicine, more blankets, and constant coughing and sniffling. Then there's the boys, one of which didn't get home until 11pm last night because of the basketball game, so you can imagine the mood he is in. And finally, because of icy roads and traffic jams all the way to work, Sander is staying home for now.

The part that makes me feel like a bad mom: I'm kind of enjoying this.

Gotta go, Julia is out of ice cream.
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