Oct 9, 2009

where the girls will be

Now you've seen what the girls' room is like now... I thought I would share with you some inspiration as to what I envision their new room to be like.


Plenty to think about as you can see. Apart from the rainbow across one wall I think we'll keep the room white this time, or maybe even a really light powdery blue that could be continued on the ceiling for the clouds. Should be somewhat easier on the cheaters! The room will of course still have plenty of colour. I would like their beds to really pop with a vibrant, multi-patterened spread or quilt. Also whatever we decide on for a closet in there will have to be a fun shade. Maybe yellow. I really love the lanterns in the last picture, so I'll have to figure out a way to get some of those in there. Oh and that bird mobile in the first picture, LOVE that. Think I might attempt making one myself, perhaps with felt birds. Plenty to think about, and that's just one room!

Next up... the dining room!

Oct 7, 2009

as promised

Remember I mentioned crocheting a present for Marissa's new baby girl? She finally received the package and that means that the pictures can come out of hiding and be revealed! So without further ado... here they are:



I added tassles to the shawl before sending it over, and there was also a little hat that I made with leftover yarn from the jacket, that I seem to have no picture of. Next step: getting pics of Ella wearing it!

Then I have some more Julia news. She is still not feeling very well, but yesterday she was apparently feeling good enough to steal a pair of scissors and go at her HAIR with them! A huge pile of blonde locks were left on the floor as a sad reminder of what her hair used to be like. She had a little obsession with cutting her own hair, because this is not the first time she's done this! Her hair used to be like this

Then the first scissor incident occurred and that was the last I ever saw of her curls.. this is what she was left with after I did some damage control on it:

Then it grew back out to this

Which I could just get into that braid I made a few days ago... I was so happy she was getting the length back. Sigh. But now! Now my little Julia looks just as lovely as ever with her new and quite fashionable bob:

Oct 5, 2009

where the girls are

A quick look into the girls' bedroom before it becomes the guest bedroom, which will hopefully happen before Christmas.


I vividly remember painting this room... took my eyes a good 30 minutes hour to fully adjust to regular colours again after having stared at that bright, bright pink for ages!

 We have so many ideas for their new room. They really want a rainbow mural and clouds painted on the ceiling. I've done the clouds once before, in our old house on the Vlierboomstraat so those should be OK.. and I can't imagine a rainbow being too difficult.

Poor little Julia isn't feeling very well at the moment. She's had a fever for a few days now and keeps waking up at night with a headache and a cough. Good thing we don't mind watching The Little Mermaid at 1am. I got to Julia's hair last Saturday. She made the big mistake of sitting down to quietly watch a cartoon after having had a bath and I couldn't resist her fresh, combed hair and started braiding and, well, just couldn't stop! She told people she was a princess all day long because that's how princesses wear their hair.

Oct 3, 2009



The Halloween box came out of hiding today! We have ghouls, pumpkins, bats and witches hiding in every corner waiting to jump out and say BOO!

Oct 2, 2009

modern day magical transportation

Remember back in the day when we walked places, or rode a horse to get somewhere? Don't worry, neither do I... but I like to pretend I do because it gives me that strangely magical feeling of having been born in a different era. Of course we all get around in our 'steel motorized carriages' or, if you are Dutch or a health nut or slightly deranged, on your bicycle. So when I found a tutorial online for making amazing little cardboard horses by the amazing Ann Wood, I was able to be transported to a place and time where I have a noble steed parked outside my house, waiting for me to jump gracefully out the window and onto its back, happy to carry me anywhere I choose to go. I'll admit that for a moment in my little dream world the horse somehow ran us up in the air and over houses without having grown wings... a magic mare, beautiful and strong. This is what she looked like in my imagination, with a little help from Ann.


 Excuse the poor, poor picture quality... since the untimely death of our digital camera I have been doomed to using only my mobile phone camera. I really recommend you try making a little horse of your own, perhaps even an entire stampede as seen on Ann's website! They're very fulfilling and easy to make. Mine is currently to be admired amongst our Fall 'display' (three crocheted mushrooms and some acorns the girls brought home from school sitting on the living room mantle).
Touching back on the topic of transportation a bit: I felt like a taxi today. I was in the car from 12.30 to 3.30pm. 1: Home - school. 2: school - the home of a boy in the same class as the girls. His parents are divorced and his mother was supposed to pick him up but she had fallen ill, so his dad asked me if I would be willing to drop their son off at her house, clear across the city from school and my house. I did it, happy to be of service and yes, at the prospect to be able to maybe ask a favor in return someday. Not so much as a thank you from the mother when I dropped him off though! She just opened the door, looked at me, let her son in, looked at me again and I said I hoped she would feel better soon, she replied 'yes.', and closed the door. I feel another happy little note coming on!! Stay tuned for that one....
So where were we. Oh yes, 3: boy's home - sister missionaries. One of our sister missionaries hurt her ankle  last week and they had called a few days ago if I would be able to drive them to an appointment today in Rijswijk. So 4: sister's appartment - Rijswijk. 5: Rijswijk - the Bidjai residence, to pick up my daughters. 6: Bidjai residence - home. I'm sure you found that just riveting to read, I know how to keep my readers happy!

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