Jun 27, 2012

girls on parade

We had a magical day last Saturday, filled with
radiant girls in sparkly garments,
little boys with watermelon dripped bellies and brandnew buzz cuts,
pirate pinata's that flopped to the ground,
slip 'n slides and slime water guns,
chocolate birthday cake with shaky old lady lettering,
and the South Ogden fair in our backyard (well, almost).

Here are the rest of pictures from the Parade (aka 'the rather long but candy-strewn commercial')

And my personal Favorite...
Next time: pictures from the Birthday parties. Also thanks to all the lovely people who have wished me a happy Birthday last Monday - they came true!

Jun 19, 2012

the pool the pool we love the pool!

We may be missing the Dutch beaches like crazy... but there are a couple of things that soothe that ache. For one the almost constant hot and sunny weather here is making my summer-lovin heart jubilant. Secondly, we have an outdoor pool at our constant disposal thanks to our gym membership. In fact, come June 30th we will be living at a stone throw's distance from our beloved source of water fun.
Yes, this place has lifeguards, free life jackets for the littler ones who don't know how to swim yet, lawn chairs, picknick tables, and a grassy patch with a huge parasol for those who want to keep a little cooler. It really is lovely and I can already tell that this is where we will be spending the vast majority of our summer. The first time I took the kids, you should have seen their eyes popping out of their little heads. Like it was Disneyland, but without the waiting in line. Max especially just could not believe that I would let him jump into the water all by himself once he got floaties secured to his arms, and a tube around his waist.
See that girl? Never a swimming lesson in her life and she is a natural. I made her use floaties the first couple of times but she seemed to completely comfortable in the water that I went in with her one day and let her take them off. She nearly swam the entire width of the pool all by herself! I started the girls on beginner's swimming lessons a few weeks ago, which has only added to their natural confidence and ability in the water. Julia wouldn't even put her face under water a few months ago. Now, she'll go under and swim a full 6-7 feet (I mean 2 meters?) before coming back up. 
And I? I get to lounge around, take a dip when I start overheating, enjoy the kids' laughter and listen to music while working on my tan. Yeah, I love the pool. 

Jun 8, 2012

i never hear enough

I don't have a whole lot to say today.
I think I've said enough. I think I've done, bought, seen and eaten enough.

I don't, however, think I'll ever hear enough or feel enough.

1. My Morning Jacket - Off the Record
I post this mostly for the last two and a half minutes. 

2. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Man on Fire

3. Ryan Adams with Laura Marling - Oh My Sweet Carolina

4. J.D. McPherson - North Side Gal

Jun 7, 2012

beautiful and new

Isn't this pretty?

Jun 5, 2012

wonderful baby livin' on love

I have a special place in my heart for this little guy, despite the fact that he loves to poop whenever I hold him. Not just any kind of pooping, mind you. The full throttle, jets blasting, no holds barred kind of pooping that no diaper can keep under control. I like to think it's because he loves being held by me so much. And honestly, who wouldn't love that? Oh Karsten, with your big baby blues... I love you.

Jun 2, 2012

10 things

Ah, weekend. Things I learned this week (most of these have to do with food, I KNOW):

1. Cooking a pork roast in coca cola for 8 hours results in most excellent nacho salads.
2. Ella should never ever ever ever be allowed to stay up past 7pm.
3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my most favorite flavor of ice cream.
4. Lara can clean toilets (can't possibly describe to you the glee this fills me with)
5. Tennis is HARD.
6. Tennis in the dark is harder.
7. Onion Bhaji's are my happiness.
8. The Graduate has very little to do with graduating.
9. Jesus likes Max - he told me so himself. (Max, not Jesus)
10. This is my new favorite song that I cannot get enough of:

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