Jan 22, 2013

new year's eve

Just because we're three weeks into the new year, doesn't mean we can't still share pictures of new year's eve! Our new year's eve was a success because:
1. We shared it with family (oma Marianne and uncle Maarten) and friends (Jean, our sweet neighbor)
2. We played games.
3. We had a surplus of delicious things to eat. My favorite: the cream puffs!
4. We had some fireworks. Mind you, in comparison to the Dutch mayhem we're used to this was pretty lame, but it was still bright sparkly things in the middle of the night, so it put a smile on especially the kids' faces.
5. For the first time in our lives we watched the ball drop in New York City.
6. When we decided to call it a night, it was actually quiet enough outside to sleep!

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