Jan 16, 2013

life lately

I have been busy collecting some favorite images to put on our bedroom wall. Now most of them are up and Sander and I love how much personality it adds to our space.
DSC_6806p Being a mom you sure stumble across some interesting scenes...
DSC_6774p Converse hi-tops: officially the only shoes that Elliot cannot take off his feet by himself. Totally worth paying a little more than I normally would on toddler shoes!
DSC_6767p This week I decided to get a little more adventurous on the cooking front. I have eaten tofu a ton of times before, but never actually cooked with it. Garbanzo beans on the other hand, I had never even heard of. I knew chickpeas.... and the nice lady in the canned goods aisle at the supermarket kindly told me they are in fact one and the same. Learn something new every day. DSC_6762p DSC_6764p After some rearranging around the house I decided that since we had an extra queen bed, and the girls' room is so large, I may as well let the girls each have their own bed. So I found some of the extra bedding we were given when we moved into this place, found an extra little night stand, and made Lara a cosy little nook where she can keep all her own trinkets and things. The only problem is that now Julia is very jealous of the pinkness of that bedding.. something I suspect will have to be fixed around the time of her 8th Birthday this coming July. 
DSC_6756p DSC_6759p Sometimes we have a big breakfast and the stacks of pancakes start towering and .. well, we have an inappropriate sense of humor.

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