Apr 9, 2010

The Belly

There have been a few questions as to when I'm finally going to show that growing baby belly of mine. The waiting is over! I finally figured out how to take snaps with our new webcam (I really am technologically challenged) and snapped some. I don't think these pictures really portray how HUGE I feel... but that's another story. 

Yes those are a lot of little girls' dresses in the background. They have yet to find a more suitable home somewhere in this house. And the room you're seeing is what used to be the girl's room.

So I am now 31 weeks and 2 days pregnant with this little guy and things are still going very well. I had my last check-up earlier this week and baby was head-down (mine have always settled into final position around 32 weeks) and doing wonderfully. The things I'm suffering from are leg and pelvic pains/cramps at night, lower back pains during the day, feeling super-faint after meals and general tiredness. Thank goodness the usual heartburn and constipation is staying away thusfar, but I'll keep you posted on that because I know you're just dying to know about my regularity!

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