Apr 24, 2010

i present to you...

....the Koot family roof terrace! A work still in progress.

The first picnic:

The views:

The playtime:

Eating at the new, second-hand table:

Assembling all the fun stuff we got:

Potting plants:

Acting silly with dad:

And generally being roof terrace Super Models:

Holland is having an extra sunny weekend, which means that tomorrow after church we will officially christen our BBQ and get our tan on!

p.s. Congratulations to my brother-in-law Andrew, who graduated from BYU this week. I think he might be one of the smartest people in our family and I'm very proud of his accomplishments (which just this year were providing for his wife, son and newborn daughter, graduating, having a paper published and flying all over the U.S. with the BYU basketball team).

1 comment:

May Family said...

not to mention flying to Hawaii! Life is hard... :) haha. thanks for the sweet words. Your roof terrace looks so gezellig! I wish I was sitting on it right now...

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