Oct 5, 2009

where the girls are

A quick look into the girls' bedroom before it becomes the guest bedroom, which will hopefully happen before Christmas.


I vividly remember painting this room... took my eyes a good 30 minutes hour to fully adjust to regular colours again after having stared at that bright, bright pink for ages!

 We have so many ideas for their new room. They really want a rainbow mural and clouds painted on the ceiling. I've done the clouds once before, in our old house on the Vlierboomstraat so those should be OK.. and I can't imagine a rainbow being too difficult.

Poor little Julia isn't feeling very well at the moment. She's had a fever for a few days now and keeps waking up at night with a headache and a cough. Good thing we don't mind watching The Little Mermaid at 1am. I got to Julia's hair last Saturday. She made the big mistake of sitting down to quietly watch a cartoon after having had a bath and I couldn't resist her fresh, combed hair and started braiding and, well, just couldn't stop! She told people she was a princess all day long because that's how princesses wear their hair.


Nadine said...

When are they gonna start building?
And i really really really love Julia's hair!

Anonymous said...

Wow that sure is pink!!!!!!
So sad when the kids are sick. Hope she feels better soon

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