Feb 1, 2012

operation US residency

Job: check. Sander started last week and is loving it so far. The commute is only 20mins.
School: check. We started Lara in 1st grade and Julia in Kindergarten so they can catch up on the language.
Cell phones: check. Comment or email if you'd like our numbers.
Bank Account: check.
Credit Card: almost check. We just have to wait for Sander's first pay stub.
Car: check. We bought a 4 cylinder '95 Honda Accord station wagon yesterday. Should give us great mileage!
Driver's Licenses: half check. Bad news: we had to take new tests. good news: the tests are a joke and take less than 15 mins, and the whole process is very cheap.
Holland House sold: -
US House bought/rented: -
Calling in church: half check. I'm the new Relief Society Secretary (yay!), and they're still working on a good one for Sander.


Jacqui said...

So glad all is going well for you there xo

Anonymous said...

What about "new friends"?

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