Feb 3, 2012

ya r/w n

Not as boring as it sounds... Or maybe you think it is, in which case I strongly suggest you skip this post altogether. As you clever cookies may have figured out by now, the more hectic life gets, the more yarn this gal needs. So you can guess how much of it I have been going through these past months. Quite a bit, my friends. Quite a bit.

I have been knitting so much that I haven't even been taking pictures of all the things I've made. Luckily I do have some snaps of a couple of recent projects that I am reasonably proud of. Pride is a sin, you say? YOU try successfully completing a knitting pattern full of abbreviations like k2tog, slst, psso, wyib, pfb and k2tbl, without a feeling of pride in your accomplishment, and then we'll talk.

While still in Holland I finished a pair of cotton baby booties + mittens for a pregnant friend who has since given birth to a healthy baby boy. She emailed me to let me know my booties were the first things to go on his tiny little hands and feet - and they fit perfectly. Things like that make me all mushy inside. I only managed to get a picture of the booties:

Because we were a little low on funds for our Christmas presents last year, I decided to knit something for all four of my little nieces and nephews. I made warm hats with big fuzzy pompoms on top for the boys (they call them their snowball hats :). Sassy Kylee got 2 different hats: a black and hot pink striped one with a knit bow sewn to the side, and a purple hat with green hearts worked into the pattern and smaller pompom on top. Cute Ella got a similarcolor work hat to Kylee's, only in baby pink with light green hearts and a green/pink pompom. To go with Ella's hat I made her pink and green mittens in the style of Bella's mittens from the first Twilight movie. I promise I'm not a Twi-Mom, I just really like those mittens (see also my next project). This time we only managed a shot of Ella and Benson with their new winter accessories.
And last, but not least, I finally finished my own pair of mittens, after having given away the previous 4 pairs (with love!). I need them here all the time, especially to keep my fingers from freezing to the steering weel of the car until the heater kicks in. And it's not even a cold winter for Utah standards!
Ah, I love them. I'm currently making the exact same ones for my amazing cousin Courtney who recently entered the Provo Missionary Training Centre to get ready for her mission in Texas. Apparently it snows in Texas - who knew?

The final project is the one I am most proud of. It was the one of the hardest patterns I've ever followed and a lot of time and swearing love has gone into making it. It's a little sweater to keep a little baby warm on a cold day - and not just any baby. This sweater was my special present to tiny Karsten Joseph May, born to my sister Marissa on January 19th of this year. He was a month early so I doubt he'll fit into it before April. I'm a little in love with the wide range of craft supplies available around here... this button for instance, too cute!
In other news: Max just woke up from his nap and scared the crap out of me by sneaking up behind me and loudly declaring 'I need to poop.', after which he spray-sneezed all over me. Gotta go.

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