Jan 30, 2012

guess who's eight?

This whole crazy adventure I am in right now all began the day I changed my last name to Koot, but I like to think the true insanity didn't come to full brilliance until our firstborn entered the picture. Yes, Lara, whenever you read this, it is true that the real madness started with you.
Suddenly, when you came in the picture, we had to deal with all new things such as: involuntary sleep deprivation, healthy food, advice from the experienced (read: everyone), excruciating pain (mommy a little more than daddy...), a sudden desire to put bows and pink and polka dots and cotton candy and cupcakes on everything to do with you, and schedules. Oh the schedules. Every single time we got used to one, you'd make sure you slipped happily into a completely different one, confusing and frustrating the dickens out of us. But we loved it, honest we did. We're just really happy you are now at the age where you can feed yourself. More or less.
And what did you go and do just when we were getting used to you being 7? You turned eight. EIGHT! And to prove that you can still bring your fair share of crazy to the Koot table, you made sure you had your 8th Birthday in an all new house, in an all new city, in an all new country. But you know what, my silly little girl? I love your craziness more than I love sunshine. 
Happy (late) 8th Birthday Lara!

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Thany said...

How time flies! :D Happy (belated)birthday Lara!! Hoe gaat het daarzo?? Met Sander en zijn nieuwe baan? :D
Ik was laatst bij Rachelle geweest en het voelde raar om er te zijn zonder jullie erbij.
Hoe doen de kids het voor de rest??


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