Feb 9, 2012

the good, the iPad,

and the mountains. The mountains in Utah take my breath away, as I have lately been happily telling anyone who will listen. I have also been asking all kinds of people who have lived around these majestic natural occurrences for years and years, if it ever gets old. Could it be possible that there will come a day when I walk out the door, look up at their snow-covered tops, and think to myself '....'? I hope not. Every car ride is a pleasure thanks to the views. Views which, I might add, are ever changing in the different types of weather and times of day. On Tuesday night for instance, I made a discovery. As I was driving up the hill to attend a meeting in a house somewhere at the top of it, I looked up and saw that when you are going up that hill and the sky is clear, the moon peeks out over the edge near the top of the mountain, giving a sharp, eerily beautiful edge to its already impressive profile.
As for the good and the bad: Sander got his first paycheck and it was considerably more than we had hoped for, which was very, very good. Then I went to sit down on our bed (read: a mattress on the ground) and my knee hit our iPad that I had overlooked, and the screen made that horribly sickening cracking sound. So guess where the extra money is going?

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