Feb 21, 2012


I got a little antsy one day last week. The girls were in school, the boys were in bed, and outside it appeared to be a beautiful day. So I grabbed my camera, threw on my coat and mittens, and went for a walk around the neighborhood. On that walk I smiled at strangers, encountered the frozen marsh of the Junior High baseball diamond, was barked at by Don Draper's dog, and took some pictures. I really have been taking pictures regularly, even though I haven't had very many to show. One reason I don't show many anymore is because my lens is all messed up and ruins just about every picture I take. This makes me incredibly sad. So here are some of the pictures I have been saving up, all taken around our new neighborhood, some even on our street. It's so beautiful around here. Quiet too, but not too quiet.
My mother painted that Dutch mailbox. People are serious about their mailboxes here! I have seen some very interesting ones. There is one that looks like a bomb, some people decorate their mailboxes to the different holidays (St. Patrick's Day is the current theme), and one has a curvy chain for a pole. I think I'd like to be a mailman someday. But first I need a nap.


Jacqui said...

So pretty!

Thany said...

Its beautifull!! Soo pretty.
I hope I get to visit someday!
I love your moms mailbox!! she did an awesome job on it:)

Thany said...

Its soo beautifull!!
I really hope I get to visit someday! :D
I still miss you Karina!! I find myself thinking: what would Karina think of this! often.. Ive got to send you an update email soon!
Say hi to everyone for me!

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