Jul 7, 2011

practising our 4th of july's - who knew

I have been holding out on blogland a teeny tiny bit and I can hold out no longer. Many of you will undoubtedly already have heard the big news the Koot Family has to share, but let us mark today as the official big reveal: We're moving! I'm not just talking house, or city. I'm talking country, and even continent!

Allow me to speedwalk you through what made us come to this decision, since the entire story is a rather long one. My mother is American, my father is Dutch. They raised my siblings and myself right here in Holland but eventually one by one all but one (me) moved to the US.
I missed them terribly but never has the option of moving even come into my mind, until - until when last Febuary I went through a rough patch and Sander sat me down and made me consider what had until then seemed impossible.

It took a good couple of months of deliberating, thinking, praying, weighing pro's and cons, and figuring out the practical side (would we even be able to do it financially speaking? And what about green cards for Sander and the kids?). I didn't want this decision to be made based solely on me missing my family. We took so many things into consideration. Finally both Sander and I 'just knew' that this was what we had to do and we decided to take the plunge without looking back. I literally felt lighter after the decision was made.
This is going to be the hardest and scariest thing I ever do! I love this city, I love our home, I love the family and friends we have here, I love the kids' school, I love the beach and I love the church ward that we are in. I love being Dutch. I'm going to miss this place like crazy and I'm hoping it'll miss me back just a tiny bit. That said, we really look forward to getting to know our future hometown of Ogden, Utah.

Telling Sander's side of the family, especially his mother and brother, has been the hardest thing. They were our number one reason for possibly not going and we feel awful knowing that our decision brings them pain.
But I can't lie - I'm so excited. I'm happy that I'll be able to give my children things like space, a yard, cousins to play with, a bigger support network within the church, and I am so happy I will be right there to see my sweet nieces and nephews grow up together with my kids.
So this was our Fourth of July practice run! Lindsey inspired us and we had the best time BBQ-ing, lighting sparklers and enjoying some watermelon after we put the boys to bed. Some of us enjoyed the watermelon more than others *cough*Sander*cough*.

Wish us luck this coming year! Our goal is to move sometime around May of 2012 and there is plenty to be done before we can reach it. Also, please indulge our need to hang out with all of you a bit more than usual - we need to get as much of you to rub off on us now that we still can!


Jenn said...

That's amazing! I was wondering when you would finally go for it. I understand missing the fam and cousins close by (in my case just American cousins close by). We at least have Dutch cousins close. Good luck to you guys. What made you choose Ogden? Is that where your family all lives?

Anonymous said...

Wat zal het een moeilijk besluit zijn geweest, maar ik begrijp jullie. Ga ervoor. We moeten wel snel weer een wat afspreken. Groetjes aan iedereen.

Karina said...

Jenn - Yeah my parents live in South Ogden and well be moving in with them to begin with. Hopefully Sander will find a job quickly and we'll be able to rent something of our own (I it'll take some time building up enough credit to buy...). Thank you for wishing us luck!
Helen - Het lijkt me heel leuk om snel wat af te spreken! Ik zal snel even mailen/facebooken.

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