Jul 20, 2011

eye of the storm

Oh mah gosh, Becky. Is summertime a crazy time? Yes. Does it feel like autumn? Yes. Was yesterday's attempt at getting Lindsey registered and all visa'd up utter ridiculousness/insanity? Yes. Are we doing it again today? Yes. Is this possibly the most annoying way to write a blog post? Definitely. Is it raining today? Not sure. Am I taking everyone to the zoo regardless because we just got year passes and we GOTTA DO SOMETHING?? YES!! So to make it through all of this, I give you a calming picture (really I give it to me, I'm the one who needs it).This because when we watched storm chasers yesterday I remembered the good old 'eye of the storm' analogy. Have you ever seen that show? Those guys are nuts.

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