Jul 14, 2011

lights on/off

Ever had the feeling you were being watched? I had it last Saturday when Sytje and I were over at Liz' place to watch movies and eat cupcakes. When I took a picture of my foot after I had given myself a pedicure (as you do), I had no idea of the apparition I would discover days later while processing my photo's. Take a close look at the photo when the lights are still off:
And now hold your breath as I switch the lights on for you, and we uncover what was lurking in the shadows..
I think she's after my purple nail polish. It is rather wonderful, so I don't blame her. I just hope she doesn't come to haunt me over it. Ghostly presence, if you read the internet: the nail polish does not belong to me... go see Sytje please. She's the one in the middle.
P.S. How ridiculously gorgeous are those two gals huh? Of course I'm the one next to all that stunning-ness with my awkward angle, double chin and over-exposed face.. but I'm okay with that because, well, I'm holding a cupcake aren't I? And sorry guys, the scrumptious sisters are both spoken for.

P.S. #2  Have you noticed my shiny new blogheader? Whaddaya think? I wanted to focus on summer and think that worked pretty well?

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