Jul 12, 2011

on landscapes in the night air, and never forgotten clay pigeons

Whatever is taking up my creative energy lately, it certainly isn't leaving much left to benefit my writing. I have just been sitting here for about 20 minutes writing and rewriting the first sentence to this post over and over again when all I really want to do is share some great music with whoever reads this. So you know what? Forget writing. Forget creativity for now, and just have a listen!

1. Esperanza Spaulding and Gretchen Parlato - Useless Landscape (Inutil Paisagem)
This just kills me it's so beautiful and on the mark. As someone who sings a lot I can tell you how incredibly difficult the singing and harmonising in this is. The restraint, control and technique, and what's more, they manage to add so much emotion and personality that it really just blows me away.

2. Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons
This man has such an interesting story: He was homeless and never put out an album. His equipment was so old an rickety that he had to keep it together using duct tape which gave some of it a specific sound he became known for. He ended up being shot to death, and if it weren't for the internet I would have lived my life without ever hearing this stunning song. This is really my favourite kind of music. Sincere, beautiful in its simplicity, and moving.

3. The Civil Wars - Forget Me Not
Something tells me I have posted a song by these guys before.. but I don't feel like going back and checking right now and I can't imagine anybody minding hearing another by them if I did. These two make me smile so much, I'm kind of annoyed that they're not a couple (they're each married to someone else) because the energy between them is so great. Also, if there are any guys out there with a half decent voice and some guitar skills who would be interested in doing a cover of this with me, please sign up here: _________________.

4. Jamie Woon - Night Air
Fans of James Blake, pay attention. I came across Jamie about 2 years back when I his version of Wayfaring Stranger got my ears flying high. Well, he put out his first album not too long ago, and when I gave it a first listen I was so, so excited. It's easy to hear why, it has everything I want in music: haunting vocals, soul, slinky beats, and a rather attractive guy with more talent in his right nostril than I have in my entire head. Oh, just one word of warning to the sqeamish: if you can't handle bugs - look away... while you still can.

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