Jul 9, 2011

funny little frog(s)

Remember the blog post with the art by the beach at Kijkduyn? While walking back to the car from the boulevard we took a dune path and on it we encountered hundreds of the tiniest frogs you have ever seen. We initially mistook them for rabbit droppings, and it wasn't until one jumped that we did the same. They seemed to be mass-migrating from the one side of the path to the other because they were just everywhere and we were so scared to step on them as we walked. Lara loved them to bits and at one point had 5 of them in her hand. I think that she's still a little upset with me that i made her release them back into the wild instead of taking them on as part of our ever-growing family. At least we have the pictures! And here is a little song to go with the theme - I love Belle And Sebastian!

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