Jan 31, 2011

music monday Vsomethingorother

Sorry guys, it's been a while since Music Monday and I have no clue where we left off. I've been listening to some new musicians lately (new to me anyway!) and they are so good that I feel a need to tell the world... and my blog is the only platform I have! Oh wow I have a platform... does that mean I should write something political? I think it does.


Yay healthcare! It's a right, not a priviledge!

And now back to what's really worth writing about.

I want you to listen to the following three songs. Seriously, take a 15 minute break from whatever it was you were doing (can't have been that important to begin with if you interrupted it to read this here blog) and listen.

These songs weren't composed to be floating around in the background while you're busy doing whatever life demands of you (or you demand of yourself). No, these songs were made to be listened to, and when you do exactly that, and nothing else, the reward you get is wonderful. A peek at a magic world that exists in someone else's reality, a glimpse into your soul, or simply contentment with being in this moment in time, right now.

I think that that's what it's about folks: Right now.

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