Jan 14, 2011

the girl

It's been a month but I thought you might still like to hear about Lara turning 7 years old last month. It was a lovely day, and extra fun for her to have her grandparents and aunt Marissa and cousins there with her to celebrate. She had been asking me to make her a ladybug cake, and I saw a good opportunity to try my hand at making my own fondant from scratch for the first time ever. Yeah, I should have given it a test run first... but things turned out ok-ish. Not the best tasting cake ever, but it looked okay, despite my cracking fondant. Good thing children don't care when it comes to cake, Lara absolutely loved it.
It's not easy having a Birthday right smack in between Sinterklaas and Christmas, or should I say, it's not easy on the parents. I'm pretty good at stocking up on presents all year round and keeping them in my secret special gift hiding spot but even then.. The sheer amount of presents that the month December necessitates in this family just won't fit in that one spot! Nevertheless, I am supermama and manage it somehow. The one thing I feel I should mention is: do not call me in December expecting me to know what my children want/need, because by that time I am totally, completely and frustratingly fresh out of ideas. The same goes for June, come to think of it.
The ridiculously large present was a guitar I found somewhere for 7,50 EUR. Best find of the year! It's pretty low-quality (not surprisingly) but great for her to play around on and learn some basics. Now that the quiet and rhythm has been restored in this house I'll start teaching what little I know about playing guitar.
Sigh, seven. If she does things the same way I did them (and let's send up a really special prayer she doesn't) I could be a grandmother in 15 years. Does not compute, does not compute, doe8s n^#t co18*#tHXxrg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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