Jan 11, 2011

like, love, want... need

I'm not a materialistic or greedy person (who just chuckled??) but I have a recurring dream. In this dream I am blonde, wear lots of white and work as a permanently smiling hostess on a cruiseship with many colourful colleagues. And whenever I wake up from this dream I can't get a certain cheesy Jack Jones song out of my head. That's not the dream I want to talk about in this post though.

The recurring dream I really want to share with you is the one that leaves me filled with desire, the one that speaks to that very essence of being a woman that resides in every single one of us females. That dream is about luscious, red, red boots.
Red Boots. I WANT them. Badly.
I think I would look simply and immodestly perfect in every situation imaginable if I had on some frantastically awesome red boots.
In fact I'm quite sure the whole escalator incident would not even have happened at all if I had been wearing red boots. I just know they would give their wearer groovy superpowers like the ability to jump great heights and distances while on a moving surface, or the ability to say 'escalator' instead of 'elascator'. I'm quite sure Amelia Earhart was wearing red boots when she first flew a plane, and also utterly positive she was not wearing them on her last flight. I think it has also been researched, perhaps even historically and scientifically proven, that upon leaving the garden of Eden, Eve was granted red boots to help her cope with the unforgiving world and all those children.
Red Boots. I clearly NEED them.
Notice how the red boots are in focus, and the dog is blurry? Do you realise what that means??
Am I being clear on this? I'm not sure I'm making myself clear.
Okay, so I thought I'd give this sharing-my-shameless-worldy-desires-with-the-entire-internet thing another shot, since when I last tried it I ended up with a fabulous sewing machine. My blog seems to be my letter to Santa and Santa is a strange and karmic creature of digital nature who finds joy in pleasing ME! You wouldn't believe the size of the smile on my frontispiece (yes, that is a synonym for 'face') right now. I just know this is going to work again. I shall keep you posted on all boot-progress!

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Jo-Ann said...

I speak from experience.. Red boots are the best! First you think you have nothing to wear with it, but it turns out.. it goes with everything!
So... run downtown and try to get some for sale! Good luck..

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