Sep 22, 2010

what I learned...

...while in Venice.

1. There is only one thing that Italian men adore more than women, and that is babies. We were a hit everywhere we went, or I should say, Elliot was a hit everywhere we took him.
2. I could easily eat nothing but Italian ice cream for the rest of my life. It comes in flavours like 'ricotta, fig & caramel', it blew my mind!

3. I detest tourists and being a tourist. We are an annoying bunch who do not take the time to properly read the instructions for surviving a beautiful city like Venice. Actually it's more about having the city survive us.
4. The greatest sin one can commit while in Italy is to order butter with one's bread.
5. The best restaurants are hidden in the tiniest streets.

6. If someone approaches you on the street whispering 'Hermès?' in your ear, you have exactly 2 minutes before the police arrive and try to arrest you.
7. When utterly lost in the winding streets and alleyways of Venice, don't try to follow a Française with a map and a suitcase. She will shake you.

Please feel free to use this knowledge to your benefit should you ever find yourself somewhere in beautiful Italia!

See all that gunk on the floor of the train? Totally our fault.

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Jurgen and Analia said...

Goodness! Little Elliot really is getting big!! I said it before, and I will say it again, I love reading your posts!
Love italian icecream!! When we went there with Jurgen in 2007 I almist wanted to get an icecream every time I saw somewhere you could buy one... seriously! I couldn't but I did have at least 1 ice cream per day.
You've got some beautiful pictures!

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