Sep 6, 2010

music monday V 2.0 - A lazy construction worker...

... is an abomination in my eyes. Well, only if I'm the one paying the bill at the end of the day, otherwise it's actually really entertaining. Remember I promised you a story about construction workers? Your wait is over. 

Ever since we had the extra floor built on top of our apartment many families in the neighbourhood have been becoming more and more interested in doing the same. Our contractor (also a good friend from church) did a great job and we have been promoting him all over the place. The people directly across the street from us and their neighbours were some of the ones interested in an addition and had our contractor come over and make a quote. They also had another company come in, one that they happened to be friends with but who are much, much more expensive. We know this because we also had them make a quote for us in the time we were deciding on the right contractor. So we both ended up choosing our friend for the job and believe you me, we got the better end of that deal.

I have been seeing these guys at work almost every day  for three weeks now and I finally understand why some companies are so much more expensive than others. The secret does not lie in more expensive materials, it does not lie in doing a faster job. It actually lies in doing exactly the same job as the cheaper guy, only you do it as slowly as possible.
Think of all the man hours you could charge if you instructed two of your employees to take 45 minutes to open a smallish package of wood beams and then to take at least 2 hours (i kid you not) to send the wood up the elevator thingy, one piece at a time. Of course sending the wood up requires 2 workers at the bottom and one up top to stare at the piece of wood as it slowly makes its way up to ensure its safety. You see, an added bonus of working s l o w l y is that you also work very safely!

I am in complete awe of the operation going on across the street. When we were 3 weeks into construction, the entire structrure was erect and we were commencing phase 2: knocking through the ceiling. and getting the electrics and windows installed.
They have about half of the wooden skeleton up.
We had a maximum of 4 men working on the same day, but usually only 2, they have 6 middle aged guys with pot bellies every single day. That's right girls, they're not even nice to look at.

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge these poor guys. Just wait, I'll go get a tour when the whole thing is finished and the walls will be plated with gold and the finest Italilan marble will be gracing their floors. If that turns out to be the case I will gladly eat my words.

For a minute I considered giving this week's Music Monday a consrtuction theme. I was going to post the top 5 songs you'll hear coming from the radio on a construction site, but really I just don't have it in me to be so cruel. I mean, we're talking Vengaboys and Enrique Iglesias here.
Instead I opted for a more subtle variation on work music and came up with the following 5 songs that make housework a lot more fun for me. To me the trick is some good solid sing-along lyrics and a beat that makes you want to keep going.

1. Run DMC - It's Tricky

2. Stray Cats - Rock This Town
A classic that I never tire of. I saw the Cats live in Amsterdam a few years ago, and it was insane. Be sure to notice the audience hair!

3. Cornelius - Drop
Amazing Japanese musician, some of the coolest video's around (Fit Song, and Fly!).

4. Bat for Lashes - Daniel

5. Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough

Well I don't know about you (though I'd love to hear!) but I worked very hard today and will probably work very hard again tomorrow so I'm calling it a day. Monday. Rest up, and enjoy the tunes while you slave away (or not) tomorrow.

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