Sep 8, 2010

Things have been smelling...

...pretty good around here lately. I know you wouldn't think my house would smell good, what with all the yucky diapers, but fortunately I have found the most powerful air freshener in the world:
my oven.
I simply whip up a nice little dough from scratch with fresh blueberries and pop them in my oven, and the scents that soon begin dissipating from the kitchen are so sweet and mouth watering that I can only imagine it must be what heaven smells like.
Of course it's not a bad deal that after the air-freshening is complete you also have a batch of warm, moist crumbly Blueberry Scones to sink your teeth into.

Blueberry scone is a great scent and I recommend it highly, but I believe I have found a few more pleasures for the nasal passage and who would I be if I didn't share? Truly I share, therefore I am.

How would you like to wake up to the smell of Apple Crisp, hot and bubbly just out of the oven and ready to be devoured with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream?
'Mmmm yes Karina, I would like that very much! But do you have anything that smells of, oh say, a cosy autumn morning?'
Why yes I do! This Spiced Banana Bread would do just the trick to transform your home into a safe haven of 'gezellig' (sorry non-dutch readers, but there really is no better word to describe this smell).
And last but certainly not least there is this classic, timeless scent.The scent that nearly beat the scent that now resides inside a bottle of Chanel 5. The smell of all smells: Chocolate Chip Cookies, crips on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, bespeckled with melted bits of rich, dark chocolate. Nothing says 'Welcome Home Dear' quite like these.
I'll say no more, I know you're just itching to turn your house into the best smelling place on earth, after my house of course.


Andrew & Marissa said...

Do you mind? some of us are trying to diet over here....

Steph said...

Oh so bad for my diet!! But I could eat all of that right now!!! So recipes for the apple crisp and banana cake??

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