Sep 29, 2010

be very wary...

... of all things hairy.  
Especially 6'6" hairy things with a headache. 
I remember the days when I would spend and hour, at the very least, on my hairdo on a daily basis. That's after the hour I had already spent (wasted?) putting on makeup. I lived for make-overs and even put my little brother through quite a few of them (sorry about the lipstick and frilly frock Mike... oh and sorry about the pictures, don't worry I wouldn't post them here. Not today anway.) and 3-hour makeup experiments were a must at every pajama party.

I'm so glad the experimental days are (mostly) over ::a 29yo girl can still have her fun once in a while and pretend she can get away with metallic blue eye shadow, right?::, and that what they say about getting older and becoming more efficient is turning out to be completely true. It's a good thing I've become efficient too, otherwise I have no idea how I would be able to make things like this happen in the morning:

She wants makeup for her Birthday in December. Her 7th Birthday...
I give it exactly 2 more years before I will be the one receiving the make-overs.

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