Sep 3, 2010

filled with pictures...

...of cute. I've been saving up for a while and I'm starting to sense a mutiny on the family front if I don't post some new pictures of my children right this minute. So hold your horses, here they are:

Elliot is still ridiculously cute, we sometimes have fights over who gets to cuddle him.

And it's a pretty good life having 3 moms.

Just look at these blue eyes (is there a limit on how many times I'm allowed to use that line?)
Lara putting on her breakfast charm.
Julia got 'bath jelly' for her Birthday. You mix this chemical stuff into the bathwater and it turns to red, fragrant jelly. Julia obviously loves it (to nobody's surprise) but Lara isn't convinced.

OK, so I tried to take a nice back-to-school picture. Maybe it was that I chose the very second we were ready to run out the door, maybe it was the flash at the early hour of 8 AM, maybe it's just my special Julia, but we couldn't get her to smile normally. In hindsight I think this is perfect... normal schmormal, this is exactly how we should remember Julia!

Hey look, this one didn't turn out so bad!
Am I a bad mother for letting my 2-year-old dribble snot all over my 2-month-old? Just look at the happy!

Alright enough of that now. I have something to say. Did anybody notice I missed last Music Monday? I certainly didn't get any complaints, so I just wanted to say thank you for making Music Monday feel important! Ingrates.
Lucky for you Music Monday isn't naturally vengeful and has decided to give you a second chance, albeit on Friday. Don't even think about complaining now.

Amatorski - Come Home
  This song is featured on a Dutch commercial and that's how I first happened across it. This Belgian band sure know how to sound pretty and retro. The lyrics are inspired by letters of the female vocalist's grandparents who wrote to each other while her grandfather was serving in the army.

Izzy Cox - Bad, Bad Woman
I love having friends with good taste in music on Facebook, because that's how I got to know miss Cox. It's difficult to find a decent recording of her on youtube, but you more than get the idea from this video.

Stay tuned for a food-inspired blog post. I've been baking and cooking up a storm folks, trying all sorts of new recipes and finding some very nice websites to help me out and inspire me. I'll share soon! 


anebruntabs said...

Cute photos!! :)

Jurgen and Analia said...

I totally let Sara cuddle with Marit. It's the cutest thing!

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