May 6, 2010

a new season....

...a new look! 
I felt it was time for a change now that summer is closing in and I'll soon be a 29-year old mother of four. I had fun having really long hair for a few years but I've been noticing that lately it just wasn't looking that healthy anymore, and I was running out of ideas about how to style it. I guess I just got bored with it! It's so difficult to find a moment to go to the hair salon though! Finally the perfect opportunity arose when Sander had a day off and wanted to go downtown with Max and me... which just happens to be where my favourite salon is located: Kinki. They specialize in extremely funky hairdos with lots of colour. Because they have so many extra skills they have to have the basics down better than the average barber and therefore do a way better job at a 'regular' haircut, or so I've found. It's seriously the only place I can remotely afford that has ever given me a good haircut!

Remember what the hair used to look like? Here's a little reminder:

And here's what the situation on my head looks like now:

I'm loving having the weight off, and I can still pull it up easily (the only requirement I gave the hair dresser). My hair feels soooo much better. 

Summer... baby... birthday.... I'm ready for you!

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Nadine said...

:O:O:O it's short :O:O:O
Looks really really good! but short:P

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