May 9, 2010

being a mother...

... is something to be incredibly thankful for, and I am.

Lara Diane Rose - December 17, 2003

Julia Marianne - July 28, 2005

 Max Johannes Michiel - June 19, 2008

Baby Koot # 4
Having a wonderful mother raising you, and setting a great example is maybe even more of a blessing. I couldn't be doing any of this without having been raised by you, mom. Can't wait to see you in 10 days... and have you here for the delivery of this baby, just like you were there for the other 3! 
Oma, mom, me and Lara, four generations. That was a good day :)


Jenn said...

Very cute, Karina. I love being a mom too! :)

May Family said...

and you are an incredible mom. i wish I could be more like you.

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