May 3, 2010

music monday V1.1

Hopefully not too many of you were haunted by terrible fears of Music Monday being a thing of the past after I, um, 'forgot' about it last week. Rest assured that it most certainly has not been forgotten, and today is proof of that! I think I have a really cool theme as well... 

There are more twin musicians out there than you might think, more than I thought anyway. Here are some I was able to come up with:

1. The Proclaimers
Scottish twins Craig and Charlie Reid aren't going to win any beauty pageants anytime soon, but is there anybody out there who doesn't love this song (overplayed as it may be!). I first heard it on the Benny And Joon soundtrack, which coincidentally might just be one of the cutest movies out there.

2. Tegan and Sara
These petite Canadian twins are Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin. They play a bunch of instruments, have very interesting vocal sounds and have been around making albums for ages but seem to have only been really becoming popular over the past couple of years. Of course now they've done a DJ Tiësto collaboration and according to some that means you've really made it to the top (he had actually done a remix of 'Back in Your Head earlier). This is one of my favourite songs by them:

3. The Breeders
Of course we already knew Kim Deal from the Pixies, but surprise surprise, she has a talented twin sister named Kelley whom she teamed up with in The Breeders and recorded, among others, this great song:

4. Blonde Redhead
An italian set of twins this time around: Simone and Amedeo Pace make music together with the Japanese Kazu Makino. They've been around for well over 15 years and were initially discovered by Steve Shelley, the drummer for Sonic Youth.

5. Múm
With recent volcanic action I thought I had better include the absolutely amazing band Múm from Iceland. Lots of instrumentals, angelic and soft vocals and sounds gotten from interesting traditional instruments such as the singing saw. The twins in this band were Gyða and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (please don't ask me the correct pronunciation!). Yes 'were', because back in 2002 Gyða left the band.

There are many many more musical twins, a bunch of which I can only barely stomach naming (think The Cheeky Girls or Tokio Hotel), but also some classics such as Marge and Mary Ann Ganser of the Shangri-Las, and Maurice and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

There are lots more... can you think of any (no googling!)?

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Rambler said...

"There are lots more..."
Well, it beats me. Can't think of any but I'm sure it is one of those "oh yes, of course" situations. Where someone else will name all the ones that you should've thought of yourself.

I like the themes for Music Monday!
Since I am unable to bring something to the party without Googling, perhaps I may just mention a great (new) band from Holland for all readers:

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