Sep 28, 2009

what's bakin?

We had a plan last Saturday! We were going to sleep in while the kids watched morning cartoons, then we would do some grocery shopping... then we would come home and while Max took his nap I would bake cookies with the girls, and after that we would maybe go for a nice walk in the park and find some pretty leaves and pinecones and whatever looked like Fall. Here's how our Saturday actually went: We woke up, got the kids settled in front of the tv, went back to bed (ok honestly, Sander did that bit, the sweetheart) and I said 'hey I'm a few days late'. From then on everything is a bit hazy but we ended up in the bathroom staring at each other in blank disbelief trying to understand the reality of what we had just found out. Two lines on the test... another baby.... uh oh. UH OH. In our life plan we had left room for maybe a fourth child, but we were thinking in 5 years or so. I mean, I'm only 28! How could this have happened? We vaguely remembered one little accidental incident, a failing on the contraceptive front (I'm planning on writing a letter of complaint!!) and realised that must have been it. Just once. Once was enough. I am the earth mother, as fertile as can be. Well, we forgot about the grocery shopping, went back to bed for a bit in silence, sporadically uttering things like 'At least we haven't gotten rid of the crib yet' or 'We are going to need a bigger car'. Our plan for the day had been thrown out the window by a force greater than ourselves and we were being forced to tumble along in the wind like one of those pretty Fall leaves, no say in the matter. We decided we had to do at least something fun with the girls so we did bake cookies.


Red, green and yellow hearts, stars, moons and birds. Beautiful little hands kneading beautiful Fall colours and suddenly our fears of what was ahead of us melted away. We looked at our children and couldn't think of a more wonderful thing than being blessed with another.


anebruntabs said...

Great blog post, very poetic. ;-) And congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Karina. 28 with 4 kids. That's awesome!!! When you are under 50 years old they will all be grown up and you can finally relax :)


Kipz0r said...

Gheh, baking and having an bun in the oven... tudumdisshshsh :)
(me and my oneliners ;) )

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