Sep 20, 2009

unfortunately karina....

I did it. I googled 'Unfortunately Karina' and here's what's being said about me that's unfortunate.

1. Unfortunately, Karina didn't manage to maintain her form and went on to lose 5-2 in the Final.
2. Unfortunately Karina recently found that she has multiple allergies to some of the central ingredients in her culinary experiments, including Cow's milk.
3. Unfortunately Karina needs a special permit nowadays, to wear this outfit in the streets.
4. Unfortunately, Karina was sick yesterday and missed out on seeing the magical creation.
5. Unfortunately, Karina also has secrets, one of which will throw Conde for a loop and leave him alone once again.
6. Unfortunately Karina had "one of those days", lost the match 6-1 6-2, and failed to impress me (I was looking to be impressed).
7. Unfortunately, Karina was killed in an attack from the Vidiians.
8. Unfortunately Karina still can't feel anything.

Poor Karina.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Karina I am so sorry you lost the match. I thought for sure you would win. Well I guess that's why you play the game. You never know who will win.
I typed in unfortunately Bruce on the web and it wasn't as interesting. It said unfortunately Bruce died. hmmmm interesting


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