Sep 22, 2009

new life

Welcome to the world little Ella Jane. I'm so happy to be your aunt! May you always find joy in the seemingly little things in life, but which we all know to be true wonders. Ella was born to my sister and her husband only about an hour ago and she's their second child with the wonderful Benson being the first. If they give me permission I'll post pics of all four of them ASAP!

I love vintage pictures like this one. My mother used to have a birthday calendar full of exactly these prints hanging in the bathroom (the dutch just love to remember about upcoming birthdays when getting down to 'business') and I would flip through it over and over again, never being able to decide which one was my favourite. Here is another on I really really love from that era.

I try to draw sometimes.... but somehow it never turns out even remotely as lovely and delicate as these. I was drawing earlier tonight in fact. I'll show you what I managed to create.

Oh yes. Feathered and watching you.


Anonymous said...

congrats to the happy parents and to you, an Aunt again. Can't wait to see the pictures
That's a sweet bird you drew. If I tried to draw that it would look like a stic bird
Congrats again


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aunt!

About the bird drawing... I am impressed with that branch of wood. It must sound somewhat funny when you draw a bird and someone comments on the branch, but you've managed to create an impressive 3D effect with the branch and its leaves. Suppose it must have taken you a while, sketching.


Stephanie said...

Hi Karina,
Hope you dont mind up strolled across your blog on facebook. Congrads to ebing aunty and ofcourse to Marissa. I am workign on settign up a blog so will add you, but it may take a few weeks as i have done nothing to it yet but open an account.
You have a lovely family.
have a great week.
Steph (Post)

Hope you know who I am. haha

Karina said...

Hey Steph! Sure I know who you are, I looked through your pics on facebook the other day and your little one is such a cutie, you looked great too. Would love to read your blog too when you get it up and going... keep me 'posted'!

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