Sep 9, 2009

garry squares

Yes I do mean Granny Squares of course... and I've been making them. I was so inspired when I came across a few pictures of them online and they were absolutely amazing! I was completely excited when I started and had the plan to make a bed spread for our bed room... I did a little calculating though and figured it would take me 2 months of non stop crocheting to get a spread the size needed to decently cover our bed. So I'm making a pillow case instead! I finished sewing them together this morning and of course had to share them now they're starting to look the way I intended them to.
Now to find a simple white pillow case to sew them onto and give it a prominent place in the living room!
 Yesterday was a beautiful Indian Summer day and we just had to go to the beach one more time. Lots of Seagulls there for the kids to play with this time... did you know that Seagulls love cereal? I fear it might have been our last chance to get some real quality sun and swimming and sand in our butt cracks. Sigh! Goodbye beautiful Summer, hello Fall!

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Anonymous said...

great job on the pillow case. I still think you should make the bedspread. So it takes a few years to make. So what!!!! Anyways.....once again good job. I wouldn't last 10 minutes doing something like that.


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