Sep 7, 2009

crochet madness

Three things I would like to share with you about this picture. The first is rather obvious: Max is the cutest baby ever to fall asleep on his tummy. Then the next thing is that there is a perfectly good reason he is sleeping on a towel instead of a regular mattress cover, I just don't remember the reason very well. The most likely one is that I couldn't find one that was clean.... Third and most in reference to this post title is the crochet hoodie he is wearing, the very first article of clothing I had ever crocheted! Remember that tv show 'Perfect Strangers'? Remember the Dance of Joy that Balki and Larry did whenever something really exciting happened? Max and I did that very dance the second I tucked in the last loose end on that hoodie. Man was I happy it was over, and man was I proud of what I had accomplished. Last week I finished another baby jacket and I am even prouder! It turned out so well and it looks and feels put together a lot better than the one above, and it's for a girl and things for girls often tend to be just that tiny bit more adorable. You will have to be a bit more patient to see that one though, since it's a present for my incredibly pregnant, beautiful and younger sister and I want her to be the first one to see it. Since she lives an entire ocean away, that may take a little while! In the meantime I'll share with you some more of my little projects. 

This is a sweater that was given to Lara as a present a while back. It's so nice and bright and the fabric feels really soft, Lara loved wearing it... but suddenly I felt like I wanted to spice it up a little. So I added that yellow border along the front and it suddenly looks like so much better!

This beautiful colour rich and soft  yarn was just handed to me for free at a thrift shop by the owner who wanted me to just have it and make something nice out of it. Well OK! I was at it the next day, scouring the internet for patterns and I came across one for a mobile phone cosy. I'll never really understand phone cosies, they seem really impractical to me even though I'm sure they look cute on your phone, so I decided to change it a little, add the same border and a fun button and voil√†! A little purse! It measures at about 10 cm long and 5 cm tall and even though I'm not quite sure what to use it for (maybe my phone after all? sigh) I can't wait to make another. Everyone.. expect little purses for your birthday. Ooooooh maybe I'll line them with some pretty fabric! Ok can't stay any longer must go make more purses now bye!

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