Aug 26, 2011

thunder, lightning and rain - tgif

After a long night of staying up with Julia who has got Croup and needed lots of comforting and settling down, I'm enjoying the darkness outside (insert your jokes about this being proof that I am evil here) and the sound of the rain - it's a welcome, calming sound after the night I just had! It's also making me want to share some of my favourite artists of late with you. People who inspire me to no end, even though I'm not an artist in any way.

Ok, so, Edward Hopper isn't exactly an artist I've only started liking as of late, but I have trouble not including my favourite artist ever in an art post.

For your further entertainment here are some fun facts:
1. Cleopatra was not an Egyptian.
2. An octopus' tentacles operate intelligently and separate from the main brain.
3. Goats can have rectangular pupils.
4. The Dutch Prime Minister orders his cupcakes from a Mormon.
5. It is illegal to slurp your soup in New Jersey.

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