Aug 4, 2011

the sun...

... has been out and so have I. Hope you're enjoying the weather as much as we are - heaven knows how long it will last.
Did I tell you about the time Max managed to crawl head-first into the bottom storage part of this here stroller and we could hardly get him out again?


Sterling and Bren Larsen said...

What a gorgeous photo of you biking through the park! I love your blog :) You just look so happy and beautiful! How are you?!

Karina said...

Hi Bren! I was just catching up on your cooking adventures the other day, thanks for your sweet comment. I am doing great, the blessings we have been receiving recently are just too many to keep count of (though I do my very best) and I am enjoying them as much as possible. Your blog is yummy and you make me hungry with each new post. How have you been? Enjoying married life I hope!

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