Jun 7, 2011

Suddenly, Karina...

... remembered that time she googled 'unfortunately, Karina' and how funny the first lines had been, so she decided it was time to talk about herself in the third person again and do some more googling!

1. Suddenly, Karina remembered what an exciting day it was going to be: Mother Bluestripe, the badger Mum of Redwall, had promised to tell her about her great ancestor, Karina of the River.
2. Suddenly, Karina stiffened.
3. Suddenly Karina Jackson, a world class kickboxer, felt something hit her in the upper part of her left arm and she was knocked down.
4. Suddenly Karina, the special investigator, with a shoe on his head comes running in chasing Mujina, some kind of badger.
5. Suddenly, Karina put on brakes and reversed the whip, shooting the challenger back into the corner with
thunderous force.
Suddenly, Karina takes a big spill on Ralph's coat tails.
Suddenly, Karina thought about her reasons for trying to escape. 
8. Suddenly, Karina screamed as her headlights shone on the tree in front of her.

What did Karina learn from this endeavor? There is a LOT of twisted fan-fiction out there abusing her name, and Karina is a good name for girls who want to kick butt. What is up with #4 though?!
by David Kavaler

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wendy and sammy said...

"Suddenly, Wendy stopped in surprised thought." :)
xx love ya

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