Jun 28, 2011

bueller... bueller... bueller...

I'm here! The thunderstorm that is hitting Den Haag as I type this is a truly awesome one, in the purest sense of the word. There are lightning flashes so bright that if I could time a photo with one of them,  I bet it would come out over-exposed. The rolling rumbles that provide tonight's soundtrack are explosive and loud. The scene is set. Add the sound of every type of siren you can think of, and you have the mood: we're headed towards the scary end of the excitement spectrum. A building somewhere close must have gotten a direct hit because  every single police car/ambulance/fire engine is racing around our neighbourhood at this very moment.
I think perhaps Lindsey might be a siren magnet. I seem to encounter a vastly larger amount of them when she is with me, than when she is not. But I digress.
This isn't going to be a very long post but I wanted to stop in really quickly to say: I am 30. Thirty. Years old. I feel pretty good about this fact. I had an amazing Birthday thanks to sweet family and friends who spent time with me and gave me the best gifts ever -- which in another post I will go into in more depth -- and ate unhealthy amounts of junk food with me in celebration of me finally becoming a 'real' adult. Of course it's only been a few days, so it might be too early to make a statement so bold, BUT(T): I'm liking the 30s everyone.
To celebrate being such an adult I decided to set myself a few goals his week (and this week only. To begin with at least). First up: only 1 hour of computer time per day. By writing this blog post I am exceeding today's hour, but(t) in my defense, most of my computer time was spent looking up people's phone numbers . I had to call a bunch of the other parents from Lara's class to pass on some news. Definitely not most of it was spent gawking at pretty blogs such as this one. Promise.
Another goal: do yoga twice. I could have done yoga today and gotten double points for turning it into Bikram Yoga :: temperatures around here were hitting well into the 30s (Celsius, duh) today :: but I didn't. Have a little faith though guys, the week is still young, even if I'm not that young anymore. 


OpethNZ said...

Awesome photos, and becoming 30 rules, youre really starting to embrace your maturing skill of judging everyone younger than you with reckless abandon, bring it on 30

Hanna said...

I think you have great photography on your site. I am about to abandon my 50's for the apprehensive 60's but I can tell you the 30's, 40's and 50's were wonderful years and I hope I will be able to say the same about my 60's and 70's. Happy Birthday to you.

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