Jul 31, 2010

some pictures...

... to document some of July's better moments. 

Our visit to the indoor playground at the Zuiderpark. This was their 12th go around the tracks and judging from Max' expression I think he was starting to get motion sickness.


Watching movies.
Riding bicycles.
Seeing what our house looks at night like from the roof terrace. Pretty ominous huh?
More chillin'.

Going upstairs to find that Lara made our bedroom 'gezellig' for us.

Stacking the kids.

Getting Elliot to 'talk'.

Finally getting started on the tree mural I've had in my head for nearly a year now.
(I still have a million branches to do. The foliage will be an ongoing seasonal project for the kids. They can decorate it with blossoms, leaves, birds, hearts, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, etc.)

1 comment:

Jurgen and Analia said...

Love the pics. The picture of Julia "chillin'" is beautiful! Love the "stacking the kids" pic, and the tree mural is looking great! You have talent!

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