Jul 28, 2010

happy happy birthday...

... Julia Marianne!

I can't believe Julia is 5! She is the most endearing child I have ever met. Her greatest care in the world is whether or not she's supposed to say 'shoot'. Her invisible friend 'Kleintje' keeps sneaking ice creams out of the freezer. Her love of horses, Lightning McQueen and her bicycle. Her sneezing and her clumsiness. I love it all.

Here are some pictures of the cake I made for her. My first ever fondant cake, so much fun to make. I don't think I'm quite as talented as my 'little' brother Mike, but still, not too shabby eh?

And here's the party girl herself.

1 comment:

Jurgen and Analia said...

Congratulations! She really is getting so big!

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