Jul 12, 2010

the busy month...

... of June.

There are going to be quite a few birthdays to deal with in June from now on. It used to be my month, and mine only, and it's always felt as the exact right month for me. The start of summer went along with the start of a new year of my life and I've enjoyed getting older each year, even though I'm starting to look back at my younger years with more and more nostalgia. Some things just shouldn't have to change! But all in all I don't mind getting older, and now that I'm 29 I'm not suddenly dreading turning 30. Maybe I should? If I should then by all means you 30-somethings out there, tell me now so that I can be prepared. 

So June was my month, and it made me happy with its warm breezes and the way they've always blown me softly but surely into a lighter, and easier season.

Then along came Max and from 2008 on I got to share my month and double up on the birthday fun, and this year Elliot has really sealed the deal to make sure the Koot family months of June will forever be one big party.

June to me is Birthdays and little boys, Summer Solstice and Wimbledon, roses and the beach. June went by a little fast this year, but I plan to slow down and fully enjoy our month in 2011.

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