Jul 19, 2010

music monday V1.5

Yes folks, Music Mondays are back with a vengeance. You may start breathing again, and tapping your feet to and feasting your eyes on these fine tunes:

1. The Black Keys - Hold Me In Your Arms
Ah, Summer.

2. Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass
Do these guys have cool video's or what?

3. LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Check out how genuinely freaked out they look by some of the things that are being done to them in this video. :-)

4. Mariee Sioux - Wild Eyes
Just close your eyes, lean back and listen.

This year's Summer can't seem to make up its mind quite yet. A few days of sun and heat are constantly followed by days of thunder storms, cold breezes and rain. Humidity prevails and tries to keep us from moving to avoid excessive sweating. It makes for curlier angel hair on baby boys though, and damp, rosy cheeks that need constant kissing.
Today's and Tomorrow's forecast is hot and sunny so I have planned another trip to the beach for tomorrow.
Check out the pictures from our last visit:

I'm not sure I would want to get wed in front of a large amount of nearly naked people, but they sure looked pretty up there.


Rambler said...

Great to see that Music Monday is back. Thanks for some great vids. Not Monday any longer, 22 July to be exact.

What wouldn't you give to see both Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne live together. Is sure sounds like heaven to me. Like a field of roses, red, pink, white and yellow, as far as the eye can see.

This song is the only one I know of them singing together. Perhaps you got some more.

Karina said...

you're keeping a pretty close eye on me aren't you, Rambler.

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