Mar 24, 2010

slacking can only be temporary...

.. when there is this much laundry to do on a weekly basis. (This isn't counting extras like bedding and bath mats etc)

It's all folded now and only the kid's clothes remain to be put away... but that requires 2 laundry baskets full being hauled up the stairs and that's a job for Sander when he gets home. 

It's sooooo warm outside today! We spent all morning at the park because the girls didn't have school today, and we didn't even wear our coats. It was bliss. This afternoon I'm taking things easy now that that laundry has been taken care of. I was up half of last night because the chicken I cooked for dinner yesterday did NOT agree with me in the slightest and I had to stay downstairs, which is where the toilet is. Worst abdominal pains ever, ugh. All better now though :)

Time to cook Burrito Pie! Let's hope my body finds that a bit more acceptable...

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