Mar 22, 2010

music monday V0.6

Well Whaddaya know, it's actually Monday! I should be folding laundry but I woke up in a mood today and think I might just take a day off and leave things as they are... they'll all still be here tomorrow won't they? 

When I'm in a mood I do a seemingly stupid thing: I listen to songs that amplify that mood. Of course the mood I'm talking about being in today isn't a particularly good one and I want melancholy, a sense of loneliness and a touch of comfort.

This mood calls for the following songs on my playlist, every single time:

1. Ane Brun - Lullaby for Grown-Ups
I heard her play this live in Haarlem once, and wept like a 5-year-old...

2.Mazzy Star - Into Dust

3.Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

4. Ray Lamontagne - Be Here Now

5.Wilco - Jesus Etc.

6.Nina Kinert - A-Worn Out

If these songs put you in a mood as well then I'm sorry, you're welcome to join me in a good cry and a chocolate binge sometime today. :)


anebruntabs said...

I hear ya. Actually, I can't physically listen to anything that isn't furious and hateful or crushingly melancholic. :-D Wonder what that says about me. :chinrub:

Anonymous said...

Sufjan's "John Wayne Gacy Jr." brought me to tears the other day and I put it on repeat, and again.

Nice to know there is more people out there doing similar things.

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