Mar 26, 2010

i do like a good movie...

... and so I have been keeping tags on all the movies I have seen so far this year:

1. 'The Upside of Anger'. Which featured Joan Allen, being very angry, all the time.

2. 'The Good Shepherd'. I watched this late at night and I was very tired.. I have no idea what it was about. I faintly recall Matt Damon being nerdy?

3. 'Arthur en de Wraak van Malthazard'. One of those part animation, part real movies with that kid who played Charlie in the slightly worse remake of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. When thing finally got, ehm, exciting... the movie ended in that LOtR, to be continued kind of way and a Disney-ish cover of 'Pokerface' started playing. I felt odd walking out of there with my 6-year-old shimmying to '...I'll get them hot, show them what I've got...'

4. 'Sherlock Holmes'. It entertained me. 

5. 'The Glass House 2'. Feel free to ignore some of these entirely.

6. 'Brothers'. Anybody who has or had friends/relatives in Iraq or Afghanistan, please don't see this unless you enjoy crying so hard you have snot running down your chin. 

7. 'Did You Hear About The Morgans?'. Had its moments but mainly I'm getting really fed up with Hugh Grant and Carrie whatsherface (who looked alarmingly skinny and old). 

8. 'Avatar 3D'. Sander and I went to see this on a date night and we looooved it. Incredibly well made!

9. 'The Box' feat. Cameron Diaz with a deformed foot. Think Donnie Darko, but weirder and with worse music. Liked the 70s feel of it though. 

10. 'Numb'. Which is how I felt after seeing Matthew Perry in a discombobulated state for 2 hours. 

11. 'Harry Brown'. Extremely graphic and violent but Michael Cane was absolutely great, and the guy who plays the drug dealer looked so disgustingly believable that I couldn't imagine that he might actually be a regular guy in real life. Oh, and might I just add this movie was my MOTHER's choice...

12. 'De Storm'. About the great Dutch flood of '53 and obviously all very, very, very dramatic. 

13. 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'. It's a good thing I love Penelope Cruz as much as I secretly can't stand Scarlet Johansson (it's part jealousy (sure I'll admit), and part that oh so awful album she put out). And I just loooooove listening to people fighting in Spanish. Really!

14. 'Terminator 4'. I was a bit late in seeing this. I've only ever seen that Terminator movie where Arnold goes 'I'll be back.' and wasn't very impressed with it (I was a boyband loving teenager then!) but I actually quite enjoyed this. Even though the whole 'Back to the Future' component got me a tad confused. 

15. 'The Fourth Kind'. I'm very happy I watched it in broad daylight, and that's all I've got to say about that.

16. Alice in Wonderland 3D. I thought I was going to get just a remake of the classic story, but this was a whole new story entirely! I liked it, but it's hard not to like when you're a major Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan. I did however decide that this is going to be my last visit to the movie theatre because I was severely uncomfortable the whole time there. I need to be able to lie down and watch my movies from now on!

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Pablo Sanz said...

Hi from Malaysia Karina!
Im glad you liked "vicky, christina, barcelona"...i have to admit that is not a REALLY good movie...but i really enjoyed Penelope Cruz fighting in spanish with Javier Bardem...i thought it was so funny, but i dont know if its so funny for people who doesnt speak spanish. Its strange cos i dont like when penelope does hollywood movies...i guess she is much better actress when acting in spanish...her naturality is what makes her good actress, and she only acts naturally in spanish...i love ur blog btw!!! xxxx

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