Mar 17, 2010

on food and happiness....

Excuse me while I take a minute to boast. 
Yesterday I made a curry... from scratch... without a recipe....
it was scrumptious. 
The kids licked their plates clean even though I had been a bit worried in advance that I might have made it too spicy for them to manage. After, while Sander was putting Max in bed and the girls were playing a videogame I overheard them talking to each other.

Lara: Dinner was yummy wasn't it?
Julia: Yeeeeaaaahhhh!
Lara: It was my favourite, ever.
Julia: Mine too.

There was a little puddle of happy Karina on the floor where I was standing... they had no idea I could hear them and it was probably the most heart warming thing you can overhear your kids saying to one another.
So I promised them I would make lemon cupcakes with them this afternoon.

I posted pics last time but I couldn't keep these cute videos from you. First up is a performance the kids did for me (though I don't think Max quite realised he was performing). I have no idea how they came up with the 'Michaëla' thing. At one point I had to move the camera away quickly because Sander was about to wander into the shot in his underwear... if you watch closely you can still catch a glimpse of him. If that doesn't entice you I don't know what will!

The second one I took at the petting zoo that one day the sun was shining out and I had the marvelous idea of loading them all into The Beast and paddling them there myself. The sun was deceptive that day, and I nearly froze solid halfway there... but they had fun.

Have a lovely St. Patrick's Day folks!

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