Mar 15, 2010

music monday V0.5

I couldn't sleep last night. A bad dream, heartburn, cramps in my legs, a snoring husband... the works. 
So I listened to My Bubba & Mi. You'll hear why:

Just how pretty is that, huh?
Listen to their full album here.

So the last two weeks have been weeks of mothers going back home, children giving parents scares, trying lots of new recipes and continuing to get this house in order after the Big Build.

Mom had a safe trip back home on March 9th. She was lucky enough to have a (the last?) true gentleman sitting next to her on her flight from Amsterdam - Atlanta. He took care of her luggage, and made sure she got where she needed to be. Thank you sir, whoever you are, for taking care of my mama!

Scary Kids. We got em. My sister gots em. Read her horror story here.
As for my little ones... we had a few 'fun adventures with them. One time Lara woke us up at 5.50am to inform us that Julia had peed and pooped on the floor in their room... and yes, it was the kind of poop that requires a lot more than a paper towel....
Then just last Saturday we had a new and somewhat alarming experience with little Max. Apparently little Max has a temper that doesn't quite match his height in size, because when we told him no when he wanted an entire box of chocolate cookies, he threw the Mother of All Hissy Fits. A tantrum that resulted in him holding his breath so long that he turned completely blue (not even slightly exaggerating there), his eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he fainted. He hit the wall and got a nasty bump on his head, but came to very quickly and seemed to be completely fine, though still a bit upset. Has anybody else ever experienced a child doing this? I've heard of kids getting so upset that they bang their head against the wall, or vomit, but never that they'll go to this extreme. I immediately read up on it online and every website said the same:
1. It's definitely not uncommon in toddlers who can't yet express themselves through words.
2. It's relatively harmless since there's actually nothing wrong with their breathing mechanism. The second the go out their body takes over again and all is well. Just have to be careful of how they fall, obviously.
3. It must not be reinforced! Apparently I'm to completely ignore this behaviour (because that's really what it is) so that it won't become a habit. Hmm.

Quickly on to a more inspiring topic:
I can't get enough of it! So far I've made:

  1. Burrito Pie (albeit a tweaked version of that recipe)
2. Apple-Banana Cupcakes. I seriously recommend these.
3. Sesame Chicken. I left out the sherry and used a bit more water. Tasted gooooooooood!
4. Tempura Veggies. This recipe calls for green beans but
I used slightly precooked broccoli and cauliflower.
5. Pancakes. The Best I Have Ever Had. We also made our own
Maple Syrup to go with them. So easy to make!

Sander loves me more than ever :D

 Finally, here are some pictures of the last little while.

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