Feb 2, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned my music obsession on the blog too many times and I'm starting to feel like I'm betraying my true colors. So here is the low-down. 

:: I am REALLY into music ::
:: I listen to a LOT of music ::
:: I LOVE to make music::

Let's discuss these in the above order. As I was growing up I was always known as the kid who stayed in her room and listened to music. Loudly. Oh, and sang along... loudly. Before cd's were in the picture for me I used to do that thing where I would 'borrow' a cassette tape from my parents, listen to the radio, and hit 'record' if I heard a song I liked. Unfortunately I didn't know about radiostations besides SkyRadio, who play a lot of corny and vastly over-played mush. So I ended up with mix tapes that included Joe Cocker, UB40, Mariah Carey and a number of boy bands. Then there was the music my parents listened to, some of which I really enjoyed as well. To this day I still have a serious soft spot for The Everly Brothers, Connie Francis, Patsy Cline, The Beatles and John Denver. Oh let's not forget Jim Reeves. My mother had/has a bit of a crush on him I think. 

That's the background. Then at 12 I got my first boombox and was able to play cd's in my room! The joy! Unfortunately I have to admit that the first cd I ever bought was Celine Dion's 'The Colour of My Love'. I quickly saved face by purchasing 'Yield' by Pearl Jam... and then lost it again by going nuts over Boyzone and buying every album they put out. 

(I was desperately in love with all of them)

Things are a little different now! I like to think my taste in music has become a bit more refined and that I am quite a good critic of quality. For a bunch of my friends I am the gal they go to if they need a good new music tip, and that makes me secretly proud. I check out new bands very regularly and like to keep up with lots of music, popular or obscure. That said, I have a couple of favourites that I seem to come back to time and time again:

The Pixies 

 Muddy Waters


Ane Brun 

Gillian Welch

Nina Simone

I could keep listing favourites all day, but this is a good representation for now. I'm thinking about starting a 'Music Monday' to keep you updated on new/old bands I enjoy, or maybe post a song I've played. 

That also brings us to the last point on the agenda: Music that I play.
It all began with recorder lessons in elementary school, which quickly turned into private piano lessons. My mother made me a deal: I had to stick with the piano lessons for at least a full year, and if I learned to play the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven without mistakes she would pay me 5 guilders. I did both, earned my cash, and found that I really loved the piano and got the hang of playing it quite quickly. I only took lessons for a total of about 2 years, spread over 2 different stretches as a kid/teenager. I'm still so happy I stuck with it because these days I'm able to use this skill to teach others the basics and earn some money, and it comes in ever so handy at church and at home during the holidays.
I also took 3 months of guitar lessons when I was 16 but quit because my teacher was SUPER creepy. He was 38ish and lived with his mom and had these really thick glasses that made his eyes look teeny... and he smelled funny.  I picked that up again about 4 years ago and with the help of a lot of online tutorials taught myself some basics and am now able to accompany myself when I sing. I even bought a nice Washburn semi-acoustic and learned how to restring it myself! 
Finally, I got a ukulele for my 28th birthday last year and I play around with it here and there but am not quite confident on it yet.
Mostly I just sit and play at home for fun or relaxation, but every once in a while I'll play live at a local talent night, get-together or church social. I also do a low-quality recording for YouTube now and again and I have my very own stalkery fan there who keeps sending me messages of praise!

Thanks for reading/listening, and let me know what you think of the 'Music Monday' idea!


Kipz0r said...

*in a low voice* Do it, baca... eh... music monday, do it.
It's kinda funny, the only instrument I play is the Playstation. Ey, it requires skill...

Anonymous said...

Music Monday... yes!
But no WetWetWet please.
And while you're at it, have a listen to 'Broad ripple is burning' from Margot and the nuclear so & so's

Karina said...

But but... Marti Pellow is just so dreeeaaaamy! haha
Thanks for the tip mysterious anonymous person...

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